Australian Commonwealth Coinage

Australia adopted a decimal currency system in 1966 but as the title suggests, the primary purpose of this web site is to provide information about the coinage used in Australia before the changeover.  That, and a few unrelated topics can be accessed from here.


The main topic:

Australian pre-decimal coinage
A catalogue of Australian coins and die varieties.

OS/2-related information

If you have any interest in an old IBM-sponsored PC operating system system called OS/2 then you might find these resources useful:-

Paul Ratcliffe's OS/2 Hot Links
"Hobbes" OS/2 software repository at the New Mexico State University
How to set up a ThinkPad for multiple operating systems
Use of the International US Keyboard on OS/2

Even older stuff

Remember back before Google and iTunes?  Right.  But what about way back before the internet, cell phones and GPS, when the Berlin Wall still divided the city, when floppy disks were common and when a 4 MHz Z80 powered a home computer with a whole 64 kilobytes of RAM?  Those were the days of CP/M.  There was a world community of Bulletin Board Systems which served an even wider community of computer tinkerers and hobbyists.  This was genesis of public domain software.  People would write cool stuff, upload it to a local BBS and it would end up in one of the large repositories such as SIMTEL or Walnut Creek.

In the late eighties there was a BBS in an outlying part of the galaxy near Sydney, Australia.  It was called Tesseract RCPM+ and its users also contributed to the cause.  The Tesseract collection made its way to the Walnut Creek archives and although that repository no longer exists, its content is mirrored at several sites.  If you are one of the very few people who care about this prehistoric stuff then you can access the collection here.

Tesseract RCPM+ public domain software collection

Image handling

Two items here for those who are interested in such matters:
CCITT Group 4 codec source code in C/C++. If you don't know what this is, you don't need it.
A proposed extension to TIFF to support random access to images within arbitrarily large files.
And now for something completely different ...
Dog Poo Road

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