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Triton Technologies International Ltd was a small company which developed specialty computer software for behind-the-scenes applications.  The company no longer exists and now this web site is devoted to other activities which are strictly non-commercial in nature.  There will be no engagement in advertising or cross-site promotion.  Nor does Triton or its former owners need or want commercial services of any type.

Image handling

Two items here for those who are interested in such matters:

CCITT Group 4 codec source code in C/C++. If you don't know what this is, you don't need it.
A proposed extension to TIFF to support random access to images within arbitrarily large files.
Ancient (computing) history

Back when the Berlin Wall divided that city, when ABBA was popular, before the internet, the iPhone and GPS there used to be a worldwide community of microcomputer enthusiasts, many of whom would hook modems to their systems and allow others to dial in and transfer files.  In the mid-1980s in Dural, New South Wales, one such public access system was Tesseract RCPM+ which supported users of an old operating system caled CP/M. If you happen to be one of the very small number of people who might still be interested in CP/M then you may want to check these pages:

Tesseract RCPM+
Tesseract's software collection


Not interested in computers and operating systems? Check out

Australian pre-decimal coinage
A catalogue of Australian coins and die varieties.
And now for something completely different ...
Dog Poo Road

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